My name is Tom Benedict, and my intention in this website is to present a professional and eclectic blend of images that are aesthetically pleasing. I aim to show an engaging representation of my personal experiences, passions, views and inspiration.  

Born and raised in London, England. My childhood was often spent exploring the streets of south London. Throughout this great city I was exposed to a vast variety of culture and diversity. It was through these experiences, both the good and bad, that in many ways has been the shaping of me as an individual.

I have long shown a passion for photography, in particular photojournalism. Always eager and with urge to explore and engage with new and varying cultures, trends and experiences around the world. In 2008 I decided to spend a year traveling the world, photographing the countries I visited. My time traveling often forced me to step out of my comfort zone and has since led to me moving to New York to establish a life in a new country.